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Bergmann-(Germany) “Gladiator 2-in-1” Clean & Scrub Microfibre CLOTH


Unique, patented, dual-purpose microfibre.
2-in-1, Double Ply, Double-sided for ease of use.
Use side 1 (high density, super absorbent) for cleaning and polishing.
Use side 2 (polymesh netting) for scrubbing off grime and dirt.
Multi-purpose: clean, polish and scrub with just one towel.
With anti-snag, soft satin-reinforced edges.
Extremely long-lasting, rinse and re-use several times, machine-washable.

Hurry! only 20 left in stock.
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Bergmann Germany now brings to you the internationally acclaimed Gladiator range of premium and extremely durable professional-grade car cleaning products. Meant for car enthusiasts who want nothing but the best when caring for their vehicles. All products conform to the highest global quality standards in the industry. Use over and over again for several cleaning jobs.

The Bergmann Gladiator ‘2-in-1 Clean and Scrub’ Microfibre is a unique, patented microfibre which is dual sided. Unlike other microfibres which are same on both the sides, this microfibre is ‘rich, soft and fluffy’ on one side and with ‘polymesh netting’ on the other. The ‘soft side’ is ideal for jobs such as polishing, buffing and drying whereas the ‘scrubbing side’ side is ideal for scrubbing and removing dirt and grime.

The microfibre towel also boasts of fine satin curves edges so that there are no scratches to your car. The material is super-absorbent and is extremely soft, is 100 percent lint-free, scratch-free and non-abrasive. The microfibres attracts and traps dust just like magnet.


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