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Bergmann-(Germany) “Gladiator 2-in-1” Clean & Scrub Microfibre CLOTH

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Bergmann-(Germany) “Gladiator Standard” Car Duster


  • Baked-in wax treatment gives strong ability to attract dust. Wax Treatment is permanent and no need for rejuvenation.
  • With special ivory virgin ABS handle that is far more elegant than dusters with black recycled plastic handles
  • With special red sponge grip to make it comfortable to hold in the palm of your hands. Most other dusters have cheap plastic grooves that hurt the palm when gripped.
  • Premium, Extra soft, high density cotton fibres won’t scratch your car like other dusters.
  • With Anti-Bacterial treatment to ensure that bacteria does not breed on them. Most other dusters have no such treatment.
  • With special 4-thread root stitching that ensures the strands do not come out even after several years.
  • With Free PU Leather Carry Case with zipper
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Bergmann Germany now brings to you the internationally acclaimed Gladiator Range of premium and extremely durable professional-grade car cleaning products. Meant for car enthusiasts who want nothing but the best when caring for their vehicles. All products conform to the highest global quality standards in the industry. Use over and over again for several cleaning jobs.

The Bergmann Gladiator Standard Car Duster consists of 100% wax-baked cotton strands which gives it the unique ability to attract dust (instead of just moving it around). The strands are extra soft and high density. They also undergo an anti-bacterial treatment to ensure no bacteria breeds on the duster. Its ivory virgin ABS handle and leather carry case makes it look far more elegant. Its soft sponge grip makes it very comfortable to hold.

Now clear your entire car in minutes without water. It quickly lifts off dust but won’t scratch paint, giving your car a just-washed look. This long-lasting, wooden-handle duster is built for years of use and is safe and non-toxic.


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