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Bergmann CYCLONIC 2-in1 Car Vacume Cleaner + Inflator


  • MULTIPURPOSE – This multipurpose 2-in-1 device can be used both as a Car Vacuum Cleaner and a Tyre Inflator.
  • POWERFUL SUCTION & INFLATON – The technologically advanced 120W/12V DC Power 100% copper design dual motor ensures smooth, high power operation.
  • ACCURATE GAUGE – The analog tyre pressure gauge does not require any batteries, has longer life than digital gauges and provides quick and 100% precise readings whenever needed.
  • WITH LED LIGHT AND MULTIPURPOSE ATTACHMENTS – Equipped with bright LED light for use during dark/low light conditions. Attachments include a Nozzle, Hose Pipe and Brush.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE – 3 meters power cord reaches all tyres comfortably. Unnecessarily longer cords reduce the power to be transmitted.
  • WITH BRAIDED RUBBER AIR HOSE – With , thick, braided (knitted), heat-proof, rat-proof, rubber air hose for tyre inflation as opposed to a plain rubber hose found in other inflators.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY – 1 Year Warranty. Oil less design with no maintenance.
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Why to keep two separate devices ?  – Car Vacuum Cleaner and a Tyre Inflator. Now no need for doing that when you have Bergmann (Germany) 2-in-1 Car Vacuum Cleaner + Tyre Inflator.

To solve the two common car need of customers, CYCLONIC car vacuum with tyre inflator serves s a great products for all car owners. Easy-to-use accessory for car. This portable device will do help in quick and efficient car interior cleaning, measure tyre pressure as well as inflate tyres. It also has a super-bright LED light to help you while in the dark.

Get rid of germs, bacteria and other allergens that might be harboring on your car seats, backrest or carpets by vacuuming your car regularly. At the same time, have utmost safety of having a tyre inflator whenever you need.

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy this 2-in-1 Car Vacuum + Tyre Inflator –

1. Perfect size for all automobiles- from mini cars till massive SUVs.
2. Quick car cleaning and fast tire inflation anytime and anywhere
3. Super Bright LED Light in the dark.
4. Generous capacity of the transparent trash container.
5. Multiple attachments for efficient car cleaning (including a hose pipe).
6. Works effectively for both wet and dry dirt
7. Offers strong, non-bulky suction with the best maneuverability thanks to the 100% pure copper 120W motor.
8. A 3 meter power cable reaches every corner the car.
9. Washable HEPA filter design makes vacuum maintenance extremely easy (No more periodic filter replacements!).

Package Includes: 1 x Car Vacuum+ Inflator 1x Long Nozzle 1x Brush 1x Cleaning Hose Pipe 1x Inflate Hose Tube 3x Attachments for Inflatable Toys 1x Extra Fuse 1x User Manual + Warranty Card.


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